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  1. Th0mY0rk3

    Glaston 2011

    Eccolo http://www.megaupload.com/?f=H863OABV
  2. Th0mY0rk3

    Cytadela, Poznan, Poland 25-08-2009

    Unico File senza pass http://rs431.rapidshare.com/files/272994217/Radiohead_Poznan_25.08.2009.zip
  3. Th0mY0rk3

    Výstaviště, Praga 23-08-2009

    Non è malissimo come registrazione, ne ho sentite di peggiori, però quella in mp3 del russo è veramente buona, speriamo che mette a disposizione la versione in flac.
  4. Th0mY0rk3

    Un verso al giorno

    Everyday I love you less and less....
  5. Th0mY0rk3

    Santa Barbara Bowl, 28-08-2008

    Riscaricate il torrent nel link in basso, hanno cambiato audio. Cancellate quello precedente.
  6. Th0mY0rk3

    Arena Civica, Milano 18-06-2008

    Dai mica male il video Street!!! Ha anche un buon audio...susu!!!
  7. Th0mY0rk3

    Los Angeles - Hollywood Bowl @ 25.08.2008

    ma lo sta uppando dall'hotel!!! Quanto si droga il tipo?
  8. Th0mY0rk3

    Radiohead From The Basement, London 02-04-2008

    scarica CDEX è facile e veloce.
  9. Th0mY0rk3

    HI-Fi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta 06-10-2003

    Rimesso in share su dime, secondo me merita tanto e poi è un SBD!!! http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details...s.php?id=210623
  10. RADIOHEAD 2008/05/11 - Nissan Pavilion; Bristow VA, USA filmed by: Alex420GNR additional audio: travelinbeat dvd authoring: BigBigWaves VIDEO DETAILS: (unavailable) AUDIO DETAILS: Location: Seat 102 T 48 (approx 8 seats to the left of the soundbooth) Source: Church Audio Card's (CA-11) > CA-9100 Pre > iRiver H120 RockBox v.060803-2007 Editing: Tracking, EQ, and fades were all done while the show was laid in Sony Soundforge 8.0 as a wav file. Conversion: Trader's Little Helper v.2.2.1 (Build 151) DVD AUTHORING DETAILS: (unavailable) =============================== DISC ONE: 01- Intro 02- All I Need 03- Jigsaw Falling Into Place 04- Lucky 05- 15 Step 06- Nude 07- Pyramid Song 08- Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 09- Myxomatosis 10- Idioteque 11- Faust Arp 12- Videotape 13- Paranoid Android 14- Just 15- Reckoner 16- Everything In Its Right Place 17- Bangers + Mash 18- Body Snatchers DISC TWO: 01- Like Spinning Plates 02- Optimistic 03- Karma Police 04- Go Slowly 05- Planet Telex (break) 06- Fake Plastic Trees 07- National Anthem 08- House of Cards =============================== Please note that the .ffp and the .md5 included in this torrent refer to the .flac files which are used in combination with the camera's audio to make up the audio portion of this DVD. For copies of those raw flac files, contact travelinbeat. http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details...s.php?id=210533
  11. Radiohead Manchester LCCC 29th June 2008 Torrent Mod edit: Lancashire County Cricket Ground, Manchester, UK Taped by: Darkness Uploaded by: Bassline Source: Recorded with an Aiwa MD recorder AM-F75 with a powered Vivanco EM216 MIC > Sound Forge 6.0 to normalise and split > Flac Frontend > Flac Notes: Positioned to the left of the stage in the covered seating area, except during Lucky when i was near the mixer. Although it's not a brilliant recording it does have only minimal audience chatter. One thing i would point out is that after Idioteque i started to leave and so i ended up catching Lucky from a different area and you can hear a little more chat during this last track. Setlist: 01 15 Step 02 Airbag 03 There There 04 All I Need 05 Nude 06 Arpeggi 07 The Gloaming 08 The National Anthem 09 Faust Arp 10 No Surprises 11 Jigsaw Falling Into Place 12 Reckoner 13 Just 14 Bangers n Mash 15 Everything In Its Right Place 16 Fake Plastic Trees 17 Bodysnatchers Encore 1 18 Videotape 19 Paranoid Android 20 Myxomatosis 21 Optimistic 22 Karma Police Encore 2 23 Pyramid Song 24 2+2=5 25 Idioteque Encore 3 26 Lucky http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details...s.php?id=208855
  12. Th0mY0rk3

    Radiohead From The Basement, London 02-04-2008

    Dai Green, masterizzazione in più masterizzazione in meno che fa? Grazie Street!!!
  13. Th0mY0rk3

    Deer Creek 03-08-2008

    Questa invece è la registrazione di JB!!! Questo tizio è ovunque... http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details...s.php?id=208364