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Found 5 results

  1. nuova band per Nigel Godrich http://www.pitchfork.com/news/46461-radiohead-producer-nigel-godrich-forms-new-band/
  2. Confermato: Thom Yorke si esibirà a Houston, Day For Night Festival, il 15/17 dicembre prossimo. Con lui Nigel Godrich e Tarik Barri. https://dayfornight.io/lineup/
  3. Secondo me meritano il topic tutto per loro... In attesa dell'album ecco un piccolo snippet http://instagram.com/p/ycpwn_r7fj/ Musica aurea.
  4. c'è un sondaggio vecchio del 2006 su The Eraser... direi che è giunto il momento di rivotare: scegliete le vostre 3 preferite così inganniamo il tempo in attesa dell'arrivo del nuovo parto thomyorkiano
  5. Su thekingofgear.com c'è un articolo molto interessante sulla creazione dell'album The Eraser. Mi ha colpito molto questa parte: It’s easy to see how Skip Divided in particular was a product of Thom’s laptop. Most of its percussion is really unusual sounding, clearly the result of modifying samples of his voice and other sounds. For example, what sounds like a computer-manipulated shaker at 1:08-1:36 is actually modifications of Thom’s exhalations and “tsss” sounds (you can hear unprocessed ones at 0:49 and 1:07). The main accompaniment consists of two loops: one of a bass synth, and one of Thom humming. The humming drops out near the end of the song, but is replaced at 2:23 by looped, sped up fragment of Thom’s voice. Modified versions of Thom’s voice also contribute the drone that swells in at 1:38 and persists intermittently until 2:20. About 75% of Skip Divided could have been done using only Thom’s voice, a microphone, and Pro Tools – and that’s if you don’t count the DAW’s built-in plug-in synthesizers and sample instruments, which Thom may have used for sketching. The synth parts may have been replaced when Thom went into the studio, and the vocal parts may have been replaced with better takes, but the laptop percussion clearly made it onto the album. Non ci avevo mai fatto caso: praticamente quasi tutti i suoni di Skip Divided sono stati creati manovrando al laptop la voce di Thom ad imitazione di vari strumenti musicali, dalle percussioni ai synth, un po' come aveva fatto Bjork nel 2004 col bellissimo album Medulla http://thekingofgear.com/post/152541618990/i-am-a-complete-newbie-on-this-so-thom-said-he