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Soundhearts Festival, Simon Bolivar Park - Bogota' - Colombia 25.04.18

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Ultima tappa del minitour sudamericano in Colombia.
Radiohead on stage 9.30. (4.30 italiane)

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Prima volta in Colombia, giusto? Mi aspetto una scaletta come quella del Perù.

E poi entriamo nel vivo dell'era pre-LP10, col tour in Nord America, LP3 di Thom, colonna sonora di Suspiria, LP1 di Ed, LP2 degli Ultraista, eccetera eccetera... godimenti su godimenti :) 

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9 hours ago, little piggy said:



1. Daydreaming

2. Ful Stop

3. 15 Step

4. Myxomatosis

5. You And Whose Army?

6. All I Need

7. Pyramid Song

8. Everything In Its Right Place

9. Let Down

10. Bloom

11. Reckoner

12. No Surprises

13. My Iron Lung

14. Exit Music

15. Weird Fishes

16. 2+2=5

17. Idioteque


18. Identikit

19. Nude

20. Street Spirit

21. Lotus Flower

22. Bodysnatchers

23. Creep


24. Fake Plastic Trees

25. Paranoid Android

26. Karma Police


E la leg sudamericana finisce qui :bye:

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