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Kid A / Amnesiac 20th Anniversary?

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in questi giorni sto facendo immersione di kid a, amensiac e derivati.


Sicuramente i piu attenti di me l avranno notato, ma avete visto che il live al canal+ nella library si trova anche la cover di neil young finale

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2 hours ago, Gecko said:


Thom ha postato questo link sul suo profilo Twitter...

Bellissimo. I blips sono veri e propri capolavori.



RADIOHEAD ‘KID A’ Anniversary (2000)

Hard to believe this was twenty years ago. And gratifying that ‘Kid A’ is being rightly recognised as the brilliant piece of work that it is.

Also hard to believe that we were trusted to work on this. We were just four guys living in a flat in Muswell Hill. All of our computers were hand built, in our bedrooms and connected by a network which ran through the hallway.

I remember specifically that a demo for the record was delivered to said flat on an audio cassette, in a briefcase chained to a courier. I also remember gathering around Chris’s four track machine to listen to it, in astonishment.

Stanley Donwood was still working on the artwork and would regularly feed us new bits. One time he came over to our flat and we drank cheap booze into the wee hours until he nodded off on my bed.

There was no brief to speak of. We were allowed to pick any bit of any song and any bit of artwork and just run with it. UNHEARD OF.

Give us some inspiration and some freedom and we will return with creativity. We ended up making twenty odd of these mini films. Best job we ever had.

This was all pre-instagram and the like and predated the idea of disruptive advertising. We were being unorthodox and anarchic - the idea was to not do what everyone else was doing.

Now that every corporation is doing this, and the content is desperate drivel, online marketing is just more grit in your eye.

Happy Anniversary Kid A. It was an honour to be a part of it - such a beautiful record that I never tire of.

Thank you thank you thank you and much love



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Che volevate a fare un anniversario per kid a quando stiamo vedendo kid a dal vivo?? Ok Computer era un po' retorica ed era già realtà negli anni 90 2000 quindi ci sta l anniversario, ha senso, ma kid a lo stiamo vivendo ora



(tra poco tempo vivremo in itala anche hail to the thief lol)

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