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  1. Fino al 22 febbraio costa 140 euro, poi 10 euro in più, ma... A Sunny Day In Glasgow » Apse » Atlas Sound » Beach House » Beak> » Ben Frost » Best Coast » Bigott » Bis » Biscuit » Black Lips » Black Math Horseman » Boy 8-Bit » Broken Social Scene » Built To Spill » Camaron, La Leyenda Del Tiempo » Circulatory System » CocoRosie » Cohete » Cold Cave » Condo Fucks » Crocodiles » Delorean » Diplo » Dr. Dog » Dum Dum Girls » Emilio José » Endless Boogie » Fake Blood » Florence + The Machine » Fuck Buttons » Ganglians » Gary Numan » Grizzly Bear » Half Foot Outside » HEALTH » Here We Go Magic » Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions » Japandroids » Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard » Joker featuring Nomad » Junip » Lee "Scratch" Perry » Les Savy Fav » Lidia Damunt » Liquid Liquid » Low performing "The Great Destroyer" » Major Lazer » Marc Almond » Matt & Kim » Mission Of Burma » Moderat » Monotonix » Mujeres » Nana Grizol » No Age » Nueva Vulcano » Orbital » Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) » Panda Bear » Pavement » Pet Shop Boys » Pixies » Polvo » Real Estate » Roddy Frame » Scout Niblett » Seefeel » Shellac » Sian Alice Group » Sic Alps » Sleigh Bells » Spoon » Standstill » Sunny Day Real Estate » Superchunk » Surfer Blood » The Almighty Defenders » The Antlers » The Big Pink » The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 » The Books » The Bundles » The Charlatans performing "Some Friendly" » The Clean » The Drums » The Fall » The Field » The King Khan & BBQ Show » The New Pornographers » The Psychic Paramount » The Slits » The Smith Westerns » The Wave Pictures » The XX » Thee Oh Sees » Titus Andronicus » Tortoise » Ui » Wilco » Wild Beasts » Wild Honey » Wire » Yeasayer »
  2. Fa improbabili vacanze nella capitale e non sa dove svoltare. Garrel, tu sì che mi capisci.
  3. Do The Joy So Light Is Her Footfall Love Remember J'ai Dormi Sous L'Eau... See More Venus Missing The Light Of The Day Tropical Disease People In The City Radian Cherry Blossom Girl Be A Bee Highschool Lover How Does It Make You Feel? Talisman Alpha Beta Gaga Kelly Watch The Stars -------------- Heaven's Light Sexy Boy La Femme D'Argent
  4. 30 EURO per gli Air mi sembra ragionevole.
  5. Notizia dell'ultim'ora. A Bologna ci sarò. Korg sei un rammollito.
  6. psychodandy


    15 minuti di applausi, jerry polemica.
  7. Il problema di Agaetis è che può considerarsi del 1999, come del 2000.
  8. Tutta invidia la vostra.
  9. Vedo che si parla di musica nuova laddove non si parla di amanti di pisellini Io preferisco i Can sebbene non siano totalmente kraut.
  10. Mi accorgo solo ora. Grazie a tutti con menzione speciale alla mia ispiratrice estetica consuelo. Anche se il rosso-brambilla piastrato starebbe meglio a lei. Sul resto del look non mi esprimo per non destare inutile scalpore.
  11. 6 giugno, in Piazza Castello Biglietti in vendita a 35 euro da oggi. 30 per i Pavement + 35 per i Pixies fanno 65. Continuo a supportare il Primavera Sound che con 30 euro in più avrà un mucchio di roba in più (già Wilco e Low performing "The Great Destroyer", The Wild Beasts, Xx, Panda Bear, Wire, The Fall...)
  12. La mia estemporanea top-100 suona più o meno così. Perdonate il genere affianco al titolo ma è un copincolla dalla rivista universitaria di cui curo la rubrica musicale che non è così specializzata da potersi permettere altrimenti. Cancellerei per voi queste 100 banali etichette sullo stile, ma non c'ho voglia. 1.RADIOHEAD Kid A (2000) avant-pop 2.PRIMAL SCREAM XTRMNTR (2000) electro-rock 3.RADIOHEAD Amnesiac (2001) avant-pop 4.LIARS Drum's Not Dead (2006) avant-psych 5.ARCADE FIRE – Funeral (2004) indie-wave 6.SIGUR ROS ( ) (2002) ambient-pop 7.INTERPOL Turn On The Bright Lights (2004) indie-wave 8.DAFT PUNK Discovery (2001) electro-dance 9.THE STROKES Is This It? (2002) indie-rock 10.TV ON THE RADIO Return From Cookie Mountain (2006) indie-wave 11.LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Sound Of Silver (2007) electro-wave 12.FRANZ FERDINAND Franz Ferdinand (2004) indie-rock 13.BECK Sea Change (2002) songwriter 14.PORTISHEAD Third (2008) avant-pop 15.DEERHUNTER Microcastle (2008) indie-rock 16.THE FIELD From Here We Go To Sublime (2007) dream-techno 17.BURIAL Untrue (2007) dubstep 18.BOARDS OF CANADA Geogaddi (2002) electro/trip-hop 19.THE KNIFE Silent Shout (2005) electro-pop 20.PATRICK WOLF Wind In The Wires (2005) songwriter 21.BJORK Vespertine (2001) electro-pop 22.WILCO Yankee-Hotel Foxtrot (2002) folk-rock 23.AIR Talkie Walkie (2004) electro-pop 24.FOUR TET Rounds (2003) electronica 25.ELLIOTT SMITH From A Basement On The Hill (2004) songwriting 26.ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Merriweather Post Pavillion (2009) psych-pop 27.BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE You Forgot In People (2003) indie-rock 28.ROYKSOPP Melody AM (2001) electronica 29.PANDA BEAR Person Pitch (2007) psych-folk 30.THE WHITE STRIPES White Blood Cells (2001) rock 31.LCD SOUNDSYSTEM LCD Soundsystem (2005) electro-funk 32.THE MICROPHONES Mount Eerie (2003) noise 33.PJ HARVEY Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (2000) indie-rock 34.QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Songs For The Deaf (2003) rock 35.LIARS They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004) psych/electro 36.GRIZZLY BEAR Veckatimest (2009) folk-rock 37.HOT CHIP The Warning (2005) electro-wave 38.FLEET FOXES Fleet Foxes (2008) folk 39.OUTKAST Stankonia (2004) hip-hop/soul 40.JUSTICE † (2007) electro-dance 41.MUM Finally We Are No One (2002) electro-pop 42.CAT POWER You Are Free (2003) songwriting 43.THE FLAMING LIPS Embryonic (2009) avant-pop 44.THE RAPTURE Echoes (2003) electro-punk 45.THE GO! TEAM Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2004) psych-soul 46.JUNIOR BOYS Last Exit (2004) electro-pop 47.MODEST MOUSE Moon & Antarctica (2000) indie-rock 48.ELUVIUM Copia (2007) ambient 49.YEAH YEAH YEAHS Fever To Tell (2003) indie-rock 50.RADIOHEAD In Rainbows (2007) avant-pop 51.BEACH HOUSE Devotion (2007) songwriting 52.BLACK DICE Beaches & Canyons (2002) avant-electro 53.ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Sung Tongs (2004) psych-pop 54.THOM YORKE The Eraser (2005) electro-dubstep 55.THE LIBERTINES Up The Bracket (2003) indie-rock 56.COCOROSIE La Maison De Mon Reve (2004) indie-pop 57.THE FLAMING LIPS Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002) avant-pop 58.HOOD Cold House (2001) electro-pop 59.TV ON THE RADIO Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004) psych-soul 60.CUT COPY In Ghost Colours (2008) electro-pop 61.FUCK BUTTONS Tarot Sport (2009) psych-techno 62.TELEFON TEL AVIV Map Of What Is Effortless (2004) electro 63.SUFJAN STEVENS Illinois (2005) songwriting 64.THE AVALANCHES Since I Left You (2000) electro/hip-hop 65.SOULWAX Any Minute Now (2004) electro-rock 66.GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (2000) post-rock 67.SHINS Chutes Too Narrow (2003) folk-rock 68.WOLF PARADE Apologies Of Queen Mary (2005) indie-rock 69.THE CLIENTELE (2002) Suburban Light indie-pop 70.KASABIAN Kasabian (2005) indie-rock 71.ARCTIC MONKEYS Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2005) indie-rock 72.RADIO DEPT. Lesser Matters (2004) indie-pop 73.STUDIO West Coast (2007) electro-pop 74.ONEIDA Each One Teach One (2002) psych-rock 75.WILLIAM BASINSKI The Disentegration Loops (2003) ambient 76.cLOUDDEAD cLOUDDEAD (2001) rap/rock 77.MADVILLAIN Madvillainy (2004) hip-hop 78.DEVENDRA BANHART Rejoicing In The Hands (2004) folk 79.FENNESZ Endless Sea (2005) ambient 80.FUGAZI The Argument (2001) rock 81.THE STREETS Original Pirate Material (2002) rap 82.ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS I'm A Bird Now (2005) songwriter 83.SPOON Kill The Moonlight (2002) indie-rock 84.RADIOHEAD Hail To The Thief (2003) avant-pop 85.NOTWIST Neon Golden (2002) electro-pop 86.FIERY FURNACES Blueberry Boat (2004) avant-pop 87.BELLE & SEBASTIAN The Life Pursuit (2005) pop-folk 88.COLDER Heat (2005) electro-wave 89.DJ RUPTURE Uproot (2008) dubstep 90.CLINIC Internal Wrangler (2000) psych-pop 91.LOW Things We Lost In Fire (2001) avant-folk 92.BON IVER For Emma, Forever Go (2007) folk 93.SUPER FURRY ANIMALS Rings Around the World (2001) pop 94.JAY-Z The Blueprint (2005) hip-hop 95.NATHAN FAKE Drowning In A Sea Of Love (2006) electronica 96.SONIC YOUTH Murray Street (2003) indie-rock 97.MOGWAI Rock Action (2001) post-rock 98.THE WHITE STRIPES Elephant (2003) rock 99.BATTLES Mirrored (2007) avant-rock 100.DAN DEACON Bromst (2009) avant-electro
  13. psychodandy


    2009 miglior anno del decennio.
  14. Comunque nella mia intervista agli Screen Vinyl Image, mi han consigliato una valanga di gruppi della nuova scena shoegaze-psichedelica americana. Qualcuno, tra ascolti sparsi, mi è sembrato interessante. Date un'occhiata, è una delle ultime domande. http://www.kalporz.com/intervista/screen-vinyl-image.htm
  15. Giusto per gettare benzina sul fuoco... (non è mia, ma mi ci trova piuttosto d'accordo) http://www.kalporz.com/recensioni/in-this-light-and-on-this-evening-editors.htm
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