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  1. Perhaps the best concert of my life. Unique arrangements, rare songs, stellar vocals, good humor, excellent venue and an even better audience. They will never be able to live up to this show for me!
  2. I'm here from the US...all I have to wear are khaki shorts and a T shirt... I have a platinum seat, I really hope getting in is not an issue
  3. As a foreigner who has no idea what to expect from the travel/ lodging situation, will it be possible for me to get back to Rome that night (where my family will be staying) via public transportation or will I have to find a room?
  4. I don't know how I would possibly begin to sell this over the internet validly without potentially screwing over myself or the other person
  5. had a lot of people help me with this one, accidentally got 2 tickets in different places, I only need one anyone know how to go about selling a ticket internationally?
  6. excellent! thank you for your help and good luck to everyone trying for a ticket in the morning
  7. Okay, great! Is there any way to save your credit card information on VivaTicket ahead of time? Just registered, I assume if not that once you've obtained a ticket in the online queue they will give you a few minutes to enter that information but I want to be absolutely sure. Also, I think you guys were talking about this above, if I were to have a friend create their own account to help me, but they won't personally be in attendance at the show, will I be good so long as they use my name under the 3rd party invoice option?
  8. Sorry to be a bother, but what is Postepay? Will I be fine trying to get a ticket with my credit card in the morning or am I missing something here?
  9. Hello Italian Radiohead fans, My name is Jeremy, I'm an American who will be vacationing in Italy the week that thom and jonny are playing on Macerata, considering how hard it is to get tickets for their larger shows, I figure it will be almost impossible to get one for this, but I need to try! Will tickets be sold online, and if so does anyone know when and where, and if I can create an account ahead of time? I really want to make it to this but it's difficult navigating these Italian sights